Galway and a trip to Dublin

Hello again,


The last two weeks have been quite busy for me between classes and societies, it has been fun.

Last Tuesday the 6th of November, I finished classes at 5 and then had a break until 6 when the NUIG Darts club would be meeting. I played three games of darts and I had a blast, thanks to the tips from the more experienced members of the club I have been getting better since the start of the term.

After Darts finished up at 11, I went home and decided to pull an all nighter in order to watch the US election results come in live. Thanks to the time difference they didn’t start coming in until midnight. It turned out to be a disappointing night as many of the candidates I had been hoping would win, ended up not succeeding. Because of the wait for results I ended up watching 24 on netflix for a bit. Thankfully after that I didn’t have class until 11 Wednesday morning so I was still able to have a bit of a nap before class.

That Saturday, myself along with Pat, Shane, P.J., John and Elyse, decided to take a day trip over to Dublin to go tour the Guinness Storehouse. We took the 11:45am bus from Galway to Dublin, and we got to Dublin 3 hours later at around 3 that afternoon. We spent most of the day wandering around the city, taking photos and just exploring. After a circuitous route we made it to the Guinness Storehouse. We went inside and started the tour, the tour started at the bottom of the world’s largest pint glass, and in the floor was a reproduction of the 9000 year lease that Arthur Guinness signed for the storehouse in 1879. The tour took us through the different ingredients used in making Guinness as well as how it is made, it was really neat to learn about the brewing process. After the tour we,went back outside and walked along the River Liffey to find a place to eat, on our way to the bus stop. We ended up in near Temple Bar, a popular nightspot in Dublin, where we found a restaurant that had burgers for a decent price. After dinner we found the bus stop and got on the right bus to take us back to Galway. Thankfully we had a great day weather wise, we only had rain once we got back to Galway, but it was dry while we were in Dublin.

This past Saturday, the 10th. I ended up just wandering around Galway, trying to explore some areas of the city that I haven’t been to yet. I stumbled upon a awesome bookstore, that I would not have either the space in my suitcase or the money to possibly bring back all the interesting books I saw there. I also walked by the Spanish Arch as well as the Galway Cathedral. It wasn’t raining so it was another great day to be out just wandering around, soaking up the culture.

This Thursday, the IFSA-Butler group has a weekend trip to Belfast and Northern Ireland organized, so I’ll be getting to tour around up there. I’ll be sure to have another post up shortly after I get back from that trip.


Until next time.


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