Activities and Music


In the just about two months that I have been in Galway so far, I have gotten involved in a number of clubs and societies. I joined the NUIG Darts Club. We meet every Tuesday night in the College Bar. We are in the middle of a semester long darts tournament, I am getting better as the weeks have gone on. The club has been a great way for me to become friends with quite a few Irish students here. I am even picking up some different expressions like, “It’s good craic.” Meaning it’s good fun.

I have also gotten involved with the Archaeology Society here at NUIG. Tomorrow I am going with the society on a day trip to Sligo to visit the Balymote Castle and the Carrowkeel Passage Tomb Complex. I will have a post about the trip up later.

I am also involved with the Cricket Club here on campus. Nice to be able to keep up with that sport.

On the nights that I go out to the pubs, I have a great time, because most of the pubs have live music playing every night of the week. On pub Taaffes, down on Shop street here in Galway has a live ban every night of the week. I’ve gone a few times and just had a blast listening to the good music. It is a great way to relax after working on a paper.  I can usually be assured to hear several staples. It seems like you can’t go out to a pub without hearing the song, Galway Girl. The version by Steve Earle is pretty good. Also the bands usually play, Fields of Athenry, The Wild Rover, among others.  Here are a couple to enjoy.

 Until next time.



2 thoughts on “Activities and Music

  1. Hey Joe, LOVE the music!!! That was one my favorite things about Ireland when I visited there. Nothing like hearing Irish music in a pub in Ireland! How are classes going? Can’t believe you’ve been there 2 months already. Love you. mom

  2. The version by Steve Earle is the original – despite it being a staple it was written a little over a decade ago by an American visiting Galway.

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