Galway and First day of classes

Well, it has been quite a day today.

I had two courses to go to today, they were  Public Archaeology, and Representing Rome.  To begin with the system for registering for classes is quite different from what I have been used to back at the University of North Dakota. Over here I start classes today, but I don’t have to actually register for what classes I will be taking for the semester until September 17th.  It is odd, but neat that you can have two weeks to try out classes before you have to make a definite decision about the courses that you are going to take. I am excited to get going with my classes, in my Public Archaeology course, the reading list consists of 5 core texts, as well as a suggested reading list for each topic in the course of about 75 other texts. So quite a lot of reading for me to look forward to.

In terms of life here in Galway, it has been quite awesome the past few days of settling in and adjusting to being in a different country.  For the past few days, we have had nice days with some rain showers in the mid-afternoon to mid-evening times.A suggestion to anyone thinking of coming to Ireland, make sure you bring or have an excellent rain coat, you will need it. Also here are a few pictures from Shop street in Dublin, as well as a few pictures from around Galway so far.

Click on photos for details.

Until next time,  Slán agat


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