In Dublin and on to Galway on Tuesday


Well, I have had quite the last few days. I got to Fargo, ND; to board my first flight of several on my way over to Dublin for orientation with IFSA-Butler, the group I’m studying through, when as luck would have it my backpack broke, so in a flury, my mom, my little brother and I went to make a quick stop, and succeeded in finding a new backpack for me to use. I then took my flight from Fargo to Chicago, where I had to wait until 6 the next morning for the next leg of my flight. That next leg took me from Chicago to Washington D.C, where I had to switch plans and then continue on pretty much straight through onto London’s Heathrow airport. Since my next flight wasn’t until again at 6 am local time in London, I again ended up staying in the terminal, where I managed to catch a few hours of rest.  When this morning I finally managed to make it to Dublin, my checked bag which had been checked in Fargo was not on the same flight as I was, so currently as of writing this it is 7:25pm local time here in Dublin, and I am waiting for it to be delivered to the hotel here. As a group we went on a tour of Dublin earlier and I will post pictures from that in a post shortly as my computer is nearly dead and my adapter is in my checked bag. Thank you all for your comments it is great knowing that others are going to be enjoying reading these as I am having fun posting them.


Well, my bag just arrived so I am able to continue with this post. Just updated the post with two photos from the tour today. The first photo is of the recording studio used by U2 for their albums, it is at the edge of the Grand Canal Dockyards which is the location where the Grand Canal and the River Liffey meet.

The second photo is of the Church of the Holy Trinity, which is used a the seat of the archbishop of Ireland. The phot really doesn’t due the building justice, but click on the image for a larger view.


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